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Various theme parks, cultural complexes, digital parks such as VR, AR, and games, kids cafes, leisure and activities!
From playing alone to leisure and sightseeing! A new paradigm of play culture that brings together all the pleasures of the world!
Why Theme Park & Amusement?

Domestic leisure time has increased every year since fiscal 2016.
Various experiential activities (play, camping, exercise, and travel) are among the top categories in which people spend their leisure time, and more and more people want outdoor activities and experiential activities after the COVID-19 pandemic.
Therefore, the number of leisure activities that have been stagnant due to COVID-19 is expected to increase.
South Korea's ever-increasing market

South Korea's ever-increasing market
Even after the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, the world's largest indoor surfing zone, "Wave Park," opened in Siheung, and Lotte World Busan and Chuncheon Legoland opened in 2022. Lotte World Busan is planning to add more playground equipment and create a landscape, and the Inspire Entertainment Resort is preparing to open the largest resort in Northeast Asia in 2023. Currently under development of the first stage resort facilities, more than 1,200 luxury hotels, 15,000-seat arena, water parks, indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities, international conference facilities, and casinos for foreigners will be built.